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Section of a sculpture theme sleeve done by @gabrieltattoo !
We are proud to announce that Extreme Needle has an original piece by the renowned artist Mason Storm currently on display in our reception. The original piece is currently available to purchase, please call 020 7240 6177 to get more info. You are welcome to pop in and check it out...........who is Mason Storm? Mason Storm is the ‘enfant terrible’ of the urban art world, and an artist whose work and raison d’être defies any solid definition. Having turned his back on a promising Law career, Mason draws his influences from a variety of sources including media, culture and politics whether they inspire him, mystify or anger him. Mason is not afraid to ruffle feathers, in both the wider world or the small orbit of the urban art community, producing work that is uncompromising, unapologetic and impossible to ignore. His words, “If you like my work, buy it and love it, if you hate my work, buy it and burn it”. www.masonstorm.co.uk
Ongoing gambling theme sleeve done by @sureno !
@mrhydetattoos has loads of design available up for grabs! Get in contact with us to check them out and get a wicked tattoo!
Ongoing tattoos done by @gabrieltattoos !
And another bit of flash art from mr @zephgreentattoo !
Flash done by @mrhydetattoos !
Design up for grabs by @scabbage1 !
Done by @gabrieltattoos
Start of an oriental themed sleeve done by @sureno !
  • Cannot recommend them enough. Sarah on reception is fantastic. Patient, informative, and does not make you feel like a fool for being anxious (like a lot of other places), and inspires confidence. Had my double helix done by the lovely Roni today. The sweetest, kindest person and my god she was fast and got it over and done with with the minimum of fuss and discomfort as possible. Love these people and already planning what else to get done. Thank you so much.
  • I'm usually a gibbering wreck when it comes to needles, but Roni and the team at Extreme Needle are absolute STARS. The environment is incredibly relaxed and friendly, and I shouldn't have worried at all! The room I had my peircing in was spotless, and the whole process was explained to me step by step along with aftercare instructions. Needless to say, I'll be back and recommending Extreme Needle to friends!
  • Had my nipples pierced by Roni a about a month ago. Amazing job, and made sure I was comfortable. Love them! I'm extremely pleased with the outcome!
    T 020 7240 6177

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