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Extreme Needle Tattoo Studio London

Specialized artistic tattoo design and body piercing

A tattoo is an extension of every artist's soul here at Extreme Needle."Our ethos is to realise our customers vision and take it to the next level".
"At Extreme Needle we work not only as a team but also as a family unit and pride ourselves on being highly professional at all times".

The studio is located in the heart of London in Covent Garden. We are family friendly and provided a welcoming atmosphere to all.
Our award winning tattoo artists create outstanding quality custom tattoo designs chosen by many of the most discerning tattoo collectors.
We also pride ourselves for being a home to our world class body piercers regarded by our clients as absolutely best in the business.

Extreme Needle is a custom and appointment based tattoo and body piercing studio, but we always welcome walk-ins subject to availability, for further information or to discuss your ideas please contact us today.


Extreme Needle ink craftsmen create high quality one off custom tattoo work in various styles including but not limited to old school, traditional japanese, dotwork, script, portrait, realistic, illustrative, graffiti, neo traditional, watercolour as well as vintage style tattoos.



Our top notch Body Piercers offer wide range of body piercing procedures including belly button piercing, nose, eyebrows, septum, helix, tragus, nipples, septum, dermals and micro dermals, cheeks, genitals piercing as well as all of these not mentioned here - you name it.

Visit us at ourTattoo & Body Piercing Shop in London's Covent Garden

We are open 7 days a week

Our Extreme Needle Tattoo Shop & Piercing Studio is situated in the heart of Covent Garden, discreetly tucked away on St Martin’s Court between Charing Cross Road and St Martin’s Lane, a stone’s throw from many of the West End’s theatres, the cinemas of Leicester Square and vibrant quarters of Covent Garden and Soho.

We are ever striving to maintain what we call our dream team, which consist of some of the best award winning artists and piercers from across the world.

Clinical Standard of Hygiene is the Hallmark of our studio. All of our equipment is brand new and sterilised and or completely disposable.

We are Health Authority Registered - Westminster City Council.

Our Address: 36 St Martins Court, Covent Garden, London, WC2N 4AL

Nearest Underground Station is Leicester Square

Bookings & Enquiries

Extreme NeedleTattoo Artists

sketch tattoo

Emanuel - Sketch & Watercolour Tattoo Artist

Originally from Portugal. A fine tattoo artist. His style ranges from watercolour tattoos through realistic, sketch style tattoos to graphic compositions. He is very passionate about challenging and unique projects. He'll build a universe from your ideas. Emanuel is passionate about Art, exhibiting regularly and being influenced by the Tattoo and Fine Art realities. Been tattooing since 2007 and looking forward for the next idea.

See more from Emanuel
sketch tattoo

Julian - Contemporary Blackwork Tattoo Artist

French tattoo artist. He's been tattooing for 10 years, pushing himself ever since to find his own style mixing heavy blackwork, brush strokes, geometric and line work on realism portraits.

See more from Julian
tooth doodle tattoo

Mr Hyde - Eccentric "Tattoodles" Artist

Mr Hyde is an Italian artist based in London.Other than being a full time tattoo artist he also draws paints and sculptures mixing different medias and techniques.His distinctive eccentric 'Tattoodles' are a contemporary twist of traditional Americana tattoos, illustration and childish-gone-wrong doodles. The final results are hilarious bold fresh and colourful tattoos.Every tattoo is unique and exclusively a one-off.Mr Hyde takes on commissions for tailor made ideas and he also has a vast repertoire of tattoo flash to choose from.

See more from Mr Hyde
Dotted Tattoo

Zeph - Dotwork & Traditional Tattoo Artist

Zeph come from the South East of England (Essex....Boi)! He love to tattoo, paint, illustrate and sculpt. Zeph worked in several studios in South London and recently returned from America, where he worked in Texas, South Dakota and Louisiana. He love to tattoo dotwork, traditional and vintage themes with a infusion of realism but he's happy to do anything interesting. If you like his work and you are interested in a tattoo, art work, illustration or any questions in general, message the studio and let the fun begin!

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vintage ship tattoo

Andy Blundel - Neo Traditional Tattoo Artist

Graduated with a degree in BA/Hons Illustration then worked as a freelance illustrator for 5 years. Feeling unfulfilled in this business he got an apprenticeship with us at Extreme Needle to follow his true passion of tattooing. Andy is constantly striving to improve his art and count himself as extremely lucky to now be working as a full time tattooist.

See more from Andy
zombie girl tattoo

Scabbage - Illustrative Style Tattoo Artist

Scabbage works in a wide range of mediums, including Aerosol, airbrush, painting, animation and graphics. he became interested in Tattooing as a medium around 2010 and since then had the opportunity to explore a wide variety of styles. Scabbage preferred subjects tend to be horror, dark and wildlife: an illustrative style rendered with realistic textures in both colour and grey. He am also happy doing elaborate script, portraits, bio mechanical or anything original with style. He also like to eat the skin of his victims.

See more from Scabbage
old_school eagle tattoo

Ben - Neo Traditional Tattoo Artist

Neo traditional as a style of tattooing has always been the direction I wanted to take my work. Having completed my apprenticeship at Extreme Needle I found my work began to take a turn into the realms of realism more so than the traditional aspect of the genre and this is where I love to create my designs. Whether it's bold colour with realistic details or high contrast black and grey, my work leans heavily to the realistic end of the neo traditional spectrum but still using bold line work and illustrative compositions.

See more from Ben
mother mary tattoo

Aitor - Black & Grey Realistic Tattoo Artist

Aitor specializes in black and grey realistic tattoos, but also enjoying tattooing dark neotraditional in colour or black and grey. He's recently joined our tattoo studio bringing with him his talent along with a true love for tattooing

See more from Aitor

Extreme NeedleInstagram Tattoo Gallery

Extreme NeedleBody Piercers

Raphael Body Piercer

Raphael - Body Piercer

Raphael is more than capable of doing any type of piercings, including micro dermal anchors, genital & surface piercings.

More about Raphael
Sarita Body Piercer

Roni - Body Piercer

Veronica can proffessionaly do all usual piercings, genitals, microdermals and pretty much everything else.

More about Roni
Sarita Body Piercer

Sarita - Body Piercer

Sarita will happily perform standard piercings, male genital piercings and microdermals, all at top notch level.

More about Sarita
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