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Flower of life done by @zephgreentattoo !
Portrait by @pawel_stroinski !
Koi fish done by @ceccarinimatteo !
Another bit of weirdness by @mrhydetattoos !
Owl/lantern 3/4 sleeve done by @antoniogabriele !
Done by @gabrieltattoos !
Done by @sureno on out beli ed @andy_blundell at the @brightontattoocon !
Done by @mrhydetattoos at the @brightontattoocon !
Done by @zephgreentattoo at the @brightontattoocon !!
Dot work done by @zephgreentattoo !
  • I had a VCH piercing done by Raphael, who was very friendly, professional and reassuring and talked me through the whole process and gave me detailed aftercare instructions. Two weeks later it's healing nicely and I've had no problems with it. I'm so glad my friend recommended Extreme Needle to me! I love my piercing so much, thank you Raph :)
  • Just want to say thank you again to Miss Veronica for my two piercings. She was amazing, professional and good fun to be pierced by.
  • I just wanted to thank Roni for a very calm and professional experience getting my first piercing (PA) the other week. Having nervously walked into the shop on a whim, the lady on the front desk was really friendly and accommodating. When it came to my session, Roni went through my options, talked me through the whole process and made it a positive and very relaxing experience. The piercing itself wasn’t painful and I’ve had zero issues following her extensive aftercare instructions. Having said that I only wanted one piercing, I’m already thinking of what my next one could be!
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